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Questions and answers

Hello dear applicants and their parents!

Welcome to the website of  the Industrial-Technological College DE EKR. We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about studying at our college.

  1. What professions can уоu study in college?

The following professions:

- Car repair mechanic (additional qualification "Electrician for automotive electrical equipment repair")

- Electrician for automotive electrical equipment repair (additional qualification "Car repair mechanic")

- Electric and gas welder

- Road construction machinery operator

- Maintenance technician (additional qualification "Tractor driver of agricultural production")

- Chef (additional qualification "Confectioner-decorator")

  1. Is college education free or paid? What are the budget groups?

           Since the Industrial-Technological College is a communal state institution (KSU), education in all groups is financed from the state budget. Therefore, in the college all groups are “budgetary”. Education is completely free.

  1. What is the scholarship amount? Who gets it?

          The scholarship is 21787 tenge in the 2021-2022 academic year. It is received by all first-year students from September throughout the first semester, and after the end of the first semester (January), the scholarship is awarded depending on academic performance. That is, if a student received a "3" in any subject, then the scholarship is withdrawn for this semester. If the student corrected his grades and finished the current semester with positive grades, then the scholarship is re-assigned. In addition, the college has groups funded by the Productive Employment Program, here the scholarship is paid continuously throughout the entire period of study, regardless of the student's academic performance.

  1. How is student meals organized in college? Is there a canteen?

         All of our students, without exception, receive a hot lunch. It is free. All dishes are fresh and tasty.

  1. Does the college have a hostel?

          The college does not have its own hostel, but we place our out-of-town and rural students in hostels at other state colleges.

  1. Is it possible to get a driver's license in college?

         Yes, the training program for Car repair mechanic, Electrician for automotive electrical equipment repair,  Road construction machinery operator,  Maintenance technician provides hours of individual driving and upon completion of training, students can pass an exam and receive category B, C1 rights, tractor driver's rights. Education is free.

  1. Where is the college located? How can you get to college?

       The Industrial-Technological College is located at the address - Semey, Decorative St., 26. Buses 35, 20.56. Stop "College", "6 Line" (near the village of Vostochny)

  1. What documents are needed for college admission? When can I submit my documents?

4 documents are required:

    - the original document on education;

   - photos of 3x4 cm, 4 pieces;

   - medical certificate form N075-U

   - an identity document (for personal identification).

    The selection committee begins its work on June 25 and ends on August 31

  1. What are the entrance exams?

       Since the college trains working specialties, then, according to the standard rules for admission to educational organizations (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan N578 of October 18, 2018), entrance exams are not provided. Enrollment is based on an interview.

  1. Language and terms of study?

       After the 9th grade the term of study is 2 years 10 months, after the 11th grade - 10 months. The language of instruction is Kazakh and Russian.

      If you want to get more detailed information, you can contact us by phone 42-47-07 (head teacher), 42-45-99 (director's office), 87478364853 WhatsApp (Svetlana), 87752758784 WhatsApp (Manshuk), 87476256884 WhatsApp (Ainur), and also you can write in direct on instagram.


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